MQPS borns as a crystallized dream to develop the regional and gastronomic taste with export quality, based on handcraft production process.

Mexican Quality Products & Services S.A. de defined as an enterprise that formulate, process, transform and sell gourmet quality products in mexican local market. Taking into consideration the customer specialization and global market, we start with the first line of products from "Eki" Trade Mark. This line is based in habanero sauce and pickles. In medium terms we will focus in developing more products to add to our gourmet products portfolio.
Mision: Transform and sell processed gourmet products through certificate production process to give alternatives to the local and global customers with mexican products with regional taste and identity.
Vision: To be a positioned organization for the quality in their gourmet products to promote the richness of the original mexican taste that guides to satisfy the local and international customer expectations.


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